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cat or dog with rash, burn, or bite mark
Dermatology (Skin disorders)
Skin disorders are sometimes the quickest and easiest indicator that something is wrong with your pet. You may notice unusually patches in fur, scaly or unordinary dry skin, redness, soars, bumps, or even a bite mark.
dog or cat with pancreatitis, kidney diseases
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine covers such conditions as pancreatitis, kidney diseases, and others. They require constant attention from your Vet.
pet x-ray, dog swallows toy, dog breaks leg
Our facility is equiped with advanced digtal X-ray system for dental and skeletal x-rays.
monitor your pet's health
State-of-the-art Equipment
Our facility carries many advanced equipment and services to help detect, treat, and monitor your pet's health condition/status.
pet dental care, clean dog teeth, clean cat teeth, dog with stinky breath, cat with plaque on teeth
Dental Care
Proper dental care is one of the most important routine checkup needed for your pet. With heathy teeth and gums your pet will be able to eat properly and sustain their nutrients.
advanced pet surgery, dog surgery, cat surgery, pet tail amputation
Advanced Surgery
We have the capabilities to perform complex veterinary procedures should the unfortunately situation arises and will provide you with the best options for your pets continued health and recovery.
senior dog, senior cat, aging pet, adult pet, adult dog, adult cat
Geriatric Care
As with humans, as your pet grows older their needs change. Aging comes with its own challenges of worn joints and declined physical fitness. We understand all too well what your pets needs are and what you can do to improve your pets quality of life so that they can live even longer.
dog cancer treatment, cat cancer treatment, cat pacreatic cancer treatment
General Oncology
We provide general oncology treatment and sometimes without Chemo Therapy. These include surgery for removal of masses, nutritional diets, and acupuncture.
Overweight pet, pet obesity, cat weight, dog weight, pet nutrition
Nutrition Counseling
Nutrition Counseling is a way for us to help you navigate the large number of choices for pet foods and supplements. Each pet is unique for multiple reasons other than species and type of breed.
pet parasite screening, Pet Tests, perform tests on dog, perform tests on cat
Laboratory Services
We provide some in-house laboratory procedures, but we also outsource many labs to a reputable lab service with very quick turnaround times. Lab services are primarily ancillary services required to check your pet's body fluid chemistry.
cat bone and joint problems, dog joint and bone, pet with arthritis
Orthopedics (Bones and Joints)
We provide orthopedic services including evaluation, assessment, and stabilization. If we determine that your pet's orthopedic ailment is too severe, we will refer you to an orthopedic specialist for further treatment.
pet eye care, dog with poor vision, cat with poor eye sight
Ophthalmology (Eyes)
Ophthalmology has to do with the treatment of diseases of the eye. The eye is one of the most delicate organs. Healthy eyes are a very important aspect of your pets health. There are many chronic diseases that we can assess and treat such as Glaucoma, dry eyes, and Ulcers.
pet quality of life care, pet is allergic, pet with diabetes
Quality of Life Care (Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergy, etc)
We provide quality of life care to help manage and do ongoing treatments for ailments such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergy Treatment, etc. These treatments involve a combination of medicine, preventative measures, and guidelines for lifestyle choices such as nutrition and exercise for your pets.
have our veterinarian examine your pet, vaccinations, schedule a visit to our vet
Primary Care (Physicals, Medicine, etc)
Primary care covers everything from physical examinations to medicinal treatments for infections. Typically, a patient will bring their pet into our hospital with complaints of symptoms such as diarrhea, rash, location specific pain or sensitivity, or a general appearance of malaise.