Our veterinarian is based out of Parkland Veterinary Hospital and serves adjacent Coconut Creek Communities

To all our existing and potential new clients living in the Coconut Creek FL areas, including Hillsboro Pines and Hillsboro Ranches, we at Parkland Veterinary Hospital take great pride in providing the most expert care and quality service that both you and your pets deserve. We are here six days a week for all your pet care needs including pet dental care, spaying and neutering, puppy care, kitten care, senior pet care, treatment for your pet's skin and fur problems, ears-nose-and-throat issues, and more. We treat all your dog, cat, and exotic pets (ferret, snake, lizard, turtle, rabbit, etc) for acute and chronic pet illnesses.

We offer nutritional counseling along with weight management programs involving both pet food diets and exercise. Overweight pets are at risk for health complications and are more at risk for arthritis and other joint problems as your pet gets older. We also treat ongoing internal medicine issues such as kidney disease, liver disease, bladder infections, and more.

If your pet is not feeling well, then you have found the right place to put your pet back on the path to a better health.

We are happy to serve the Coconut Creek Fl communities and invite new clients to take advantage of our We Care Offers (SM)