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Chemo Therapy (Cancer Treatment)
Chemo Therapy is a key ingredient in our fight against cancer. The process involves trying to eradicate cancer cells from the body by introducing medicines that typically adhere to the cancer cells or are toxic to the cancer cells thus killing them or impeding their spread.
dog stem cell, cat stem cell, pet stem cell therapy
Stem Cell Therapy
Stem- Cell Therapy is included in an area of modern medicine known as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine simply means that we use the body's own regenerative systems for protecting and repairing itself by inducing certain mechanisms.
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Advanced Dentistry
We do advance dentistry including digital radiographs to detect decay, breaks, or fractions of the teeth or surrounding bone structure. Multi-root Extractions are some of the most difficult procedures we perform.
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Pain Management (Anesthesia etc)
Proper pain management is one of the key aspects we re-enforce so that your pet has as comfortable experience as possible.
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Acupuncture Treatment
Eastern medicine meets western medicine as we combine the best of both worlds to fight some pet ailmanents.
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Emergency Care & Overnight Hospitalization
We offer emergency pet care and hospitalization services during regular office hours. Incoming afterhours emergencies are handled by a nearby Emergency Clinic.