Kibble Rewards™ Club:

Available exclusively to our clients...Learn how you can earn FREE Pet Food with every purchase of our in-house non-prescription diets.

* Established Clients Only.

* Pet-Foods: Canine Non-Prescription Diets Only.

* Must Be Available In-house (At our Facility)

To Find Out More, Call: 954-757-1729

kibble rewards

Disclaimer1: While this is a continuous offer that we do not intend to discontinue, Parkland Veterinary Hospital reserves the right to discontinue this program with or without advanced notice and with no subsequent obligations. We will, however, do our best to communicate and dissemeninate any informational changes to our policies and promotional offers as they occur.

Disclaimer2: Offer is contingent on availability of food products both inhouse at our hospital, as well as supplied by our manufacturer(s). Manufacterer discontinued products will result in discontinuation or a change in offered food products.

Our current offering is limited to Hills Healthy Advantage Line of Dog Foods.

Trademark/Servicemark: KibbleRewards™, Kibble Rewards™ and Kibble Rewards Club™ are trademarks of Parkland Veterinary Hospital P.A. located in Parkland FLorida.