Pet Boarding

Canine Guests

Doggy Day Care & Overnight Stay. Dogs are walked upto five times per day to allow them to eliminate waste and get excercise. When they are not being walked they are able to rest in their individual luxury suite with the following amenities:

Feline Guests

Cats are let out regulary to play in the enclosed play room boarding area. When not in the play area, cats are resting in their feline condos that have the following amenities:

Exotic Guests

We offer a quiet area for exotic pets(rodents, reptiles, etc). Owners are required to bring their cages, tanks/aquariums, and other supplies to ensure their pets comfort. We will watchover, feed, water, and care for your pet in the reliable presence of our Veterinarian.

Download Boarding Form

Below is a downloadable boarding form for you to print, fill-out, and bring with you for your appointment/visit to our hospital.

Luxury Suites: Cat Condos & Dog Kennels


Dog & Cat Boarding/ Pet Day Care

Safe, secure, Fenced-In Dog Walk Area

Our grass area for walking dogs outside is enclosed by a fence and provides an area for safe off-the-leash or on-the-leash dog walking when your dog needs to relieve themselves or just get some outdoor excercise. As part of our commitment to your pets' safety, we do not walk your dog near drive ways or truck delivery areas.

Reservations are encouraged Due to Limited Availability - Call 954-757-1729

Advanced reservations will ensure that you will get the dates that you need if you are going out of town or have other planned engagements. A deposit or credit card authorization is required to reserve and guarantee a room for your pet. A 72-hour cancellation notice is required.

Bring All Medications

Please bring all medications that your pet(s) are currently taking.

We Recommend you Bring your Pet's Food if he/she has Dietary Requirements

We encourage you to bring your pet's food to prevent stomach upset from a change in diet or otherwise if your pet has special dietery needs. If you are unable to bring food or if you prefer, we wil offer pet food servings at additional costs.

Doggie Day Care

Dog Day Care is similar to child day care service in that your pet is dropped off during the morning hours (as early as 8:00am) and picked up in the evening of that same day (as late as 6:00pm closing time). Your pet is walked multiple times during the day in our safe fenced-in grass area. Pet day care benefits your pet in many ways: your pet will get attention, interaction, and more activity instead of an isolated, inactive, boring, and lonely stay at home while you are away at work, school, a meeting, an event, or otherwise indisposed.

Overnight Boarding

Pet boarding is like a pet hotel service where your pet stays in our luxury suite over one or more nights. This includes nightly pet stays and pet extended stays. Your pet is walked multiple times daily in our secure fenced-in green area. Pet kennel boarding is great for those times when you are away on vacation or business trips. You can rest assured that your pet(s) is(are) in good hands...your trusted veterinarian at Parkand Veterinary Hospital, Parkland FL.

Guidelines & Policies

Boarding is typically for established clients. For new/unestablished clients, a "Boarding Examination" is offered at a lower one-time fee, in place of our usual full medical examination. Your pet may need to undergo a temperament evaluation to determine level of aggressiveness especially if not spayed/neutered (ie intact animals).