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Your Pet's Weight & Eating Habits: What to look for and when it's time to bring your pet to see our vet.

Pet Fitness & Weight Control (Nutrition and Exercise):

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA - 2012), over 54% of pets are overweight. Pet obesity is a serious concern. Proper weight management reduces the chances of your pet developing certain medical problems such as Diabetes and Arthritis. Adequate exercise and a proper diet are the hallmarks to natural preventative pet care. Your pet's energy level will be greatly improved along with his/her cardiovascular health (heart function, blood circulation, etc). There is also evidence that leaner pets live almost two (2) years longer than their overweight counterparts.

A note about Obesity - "Obesity is considered an "epidemic" for dogs, cats and people. 56% of dogs, 54% of cats, and 69% of humans (adults over the age years of 20 years) in U.S. were considered overweight or obese in 2011." Source:

We do a thorough examination of your pet as well as do precise measurements to determine your pet's Body Mass Index (BMI). If your pet is underweight, there may be other causes outside of poor nutrition (malnourished) that we will need to address and potentially rule-out. As far as weight gain, some of the conditions that are either directly attributed to obesity or exacerbated by weight gain include:

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After doing a thorough examination of your pet as well as calculating your pet's Body Mass Index (BMI), we determine the right amount of calories, the type of diet, and quantity of food to feed your pet (whether for weight loss or weight gain). For overweight pets, we can further develop a weight loss program that is specific to your pet's current weight and overall state of health. We also carry a variety of prescription and non-prescription diets both in-house and on our online pharmacy ( Exercise is always good, but care should be taken to prevent over-exertion or over-heating (i.e. excessively high body temperature), especially for short nose breeds such as bull dogs. Also be wary of the ambient (surrounding) temperatures especially if exercising your dog outside and/or during hot summer months of the year. In some cases we may recommend our indoor exercise program where your dog will get regular moderated exercise in our temperature controlled (Air Conditioned) Pet Fitness Room where we have a variable-speed Doggy Treadmill. For cats, we recommend lots of playtime with toys(laser pointers or feather toys) that increases movement and tie into their natural curiosity and playful hunting instincts. We also do client education such as Nutritional Counseling so that you have expert veterinary advise as we answer all your questions. Whatever the problem and whatever your concerns, we will determine the right mode of care for your pet's health care needs. Our goal is to help your pet live a long, happy, and healthy life. We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, other small mammals, frogs, and reptiles.