Pet Grooming

Grooming Services We Provide:

We offer full-service grooming for both dogs and cats. You can drop your pet off knowing that he/she will be pampered and is only a few feet away from our Veterinarian. We believe that proper hygeine for your pets is part of a comprehensive approach to living healthy and the services we provide keeps this view in mind. Our services are performed by a trained independent groomer.

Specialized Services

We recommend you consider one of our specialized services that may be just what your pet needs.

Spa Packages Offered

We offer various Spa packages that provide a set of services to our customers at an affordable price.

Download Grooming Form

Below is a downloadable grooming form for you to print, fill-out, and bring with you for your appointment/visit to our hospital.

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What we do? - Cat & Dog Grooming

Clean the pads of their feet

Hair between pads can cause discomfort for the animal. We clean out all the hair between their pads to make them more comfortable.

Dewax and trim execessive hair from their Ears

Ears can easily develop a build-up of wax, bacteria, and fungi, as well as full-blown ear infections. We clean its ears and clean out any hair to avoid potential infections.

Clip and File-down Overgrown Nails (pedicure)

Nails that are not clipped regularly can cause many problems such as growing back into the skin and causing damage to the knuckles. We use a dremel to shorten and round the nails so that they are smooth and comfortable.

Trim and Detangle Fur around Belly area

Clean up and keep hair short around the privates to keep everything sanitary. The Belly area of your pet often gets entangle and dirty as it is close tot the ground and your pet often lies .on the ground inside/outdoors

Express Anal Glands to remove bad odor

We express the anal glands,which can get full causing discomfort for the animal. This is what leaves a "dog" smell (poor odor) in the house and causes your dog to drag its behind.This process helps to reduce or neurtralize the bad odor.

Relaxing Bathe in Luke Warm to Cool Water

We do multiple wash and rinse baths to deep clean and relax the animal.

Deshedding of Excess Fur

For double coated dogs, we do a full shedding process which significantly reduces shedding for up to four weeks.

Gentle Drying and Fluffying of Fur

We blow-dry each animal to maximize the beauty of its coat.

Basic or Stylized Hair Cut Based on Breed

Full cut based on breed standards or owner's specifications. Different breeds of dogs and cats will have different typs of fur and so our expert knowledge will be utilized.

Spa / Salon - Pet Groomerie