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Serving: city of Parkland, and nearby areas of
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Pet Illness: What to look for and when it's time to bring your pet to see our vet.

Internal Medicine Examination (Pet Illness from internal conditions or problems):

Many of the same signs of illness that are apparent in humans may also be present in pets, though sometimes with different underlying causes. Some symptoms may be present for multiple types of illnesses so it is difficult for someone without proper veterinary medical training to diagnose the true cause of your pet's illness. You know when your pet is not his/her usual self. Even more importantly, your pet cannot communicate their illness in an effective manner if at all and so you have to be wary and tuned into his/her health needs. As with any illness, the earlier you detect and treat the condition, the better the chance of an early recovery. With sickness involving internal medicine, your pet's medical history is crucial to help our doctor hone in on the specifics and narrow down the possible causes. We also ask many questions pertinent to the situation (deeper questioning). If you suspect your pet is feeling sick then bring them in to our veterinarian. We do a thorough examination of your pet. We look for one or more of the following depending on the initial clinical signs, medical history, and our deeper questioning:

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After a thorough examination, we may need to do tests such to determine underlying causes for your pet's illness. We have an in-house laboratory where we can run onsite diagnostic test such as blood chemistry, urinalysis, and CBC panels. We can also send out for more in-depth testing (ACTH Stimulation tests, thyroid testing, kidney disease screening, intestinal parasite screen) should the need arises. Whatever the problem, we will determine the right mode of treatment for your pet's medical condition. If necessary, we can refer extreme cases to a board certified specialists. We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, other small mammals, frogs, and reptiles.