Pet Insurance vs. Monthly Wellness plans

There is a strong case for using comprehensive pet insurance over wellness plans. Here is why:

Pet insurance covers pet emergencies in a more thorough way...not just basic or minor injuries, but also major accidents as well. This makes insurance more important for covering the really expensive emergency situations.

There are pet insurance options that include full coverage for exams, vaccines, medications (including heartworm and flea prevention) and all your pets preventative care needs up to 90%.

Costly surgical and dental procedures are included in most pet insurance barring any pre-existing conditions. Surgeries typically include: spay, neuter, orthopedics, soft-tissue surgery, and dental surgeries.

Chronic illnesses that are not curable but are treatable are also covered, barring any pre-existing conditions. These severe illnesses require continuous treatment, management, and/or diagnostic testing that, without pet insurance, can rack up high out of pocket costs. Examples include: diabetes, recurring skin issues/ongoing allergies, immune mediated diseases, among others.

Often, pets with wellness plans still require pet insurance to supplement the difference in coverage and to fill the gaps left by monthly wellness plans; so why not just get comprehensive pet insurance can provide coverage without the gaps.

Also, with promotional offers such as 5% off your quoted insurance payments, pet insurances like Nationwide's Whole Pet Insurance Coverage is an easy decision to make for most pet owners.

Alternatively, pet insurance could be used for only unexpected costs such as illness, injuries, and emergencies, while known costs for preventive care needs such as vaccines can be planned or budgeted for.

Overall, pet insurance can provide broader coverage and more affordability over the life of your pet; that equates to less money out of your pocket and a higher standard of care for your pet.

In my opinion, while wellness packages/plans serve their purpose, a comprehensive pet insurance is far more benificial to both pet and pet owner.

Glenda Paredes, DVM at Parkland Veterinary Hospital