What to Expect

Kind and Courteous Staff
Our staff is well trained, professional, and genuinely love animals.
Veterinary Expertise.
Dr. Paredes is an experienced and talented veterinarian who strives for excellence in animal care.
Excellent Service
Caring for animals is our highest priority, but quality of service is our commitment to you...so we aim to please.


What other Clients are saying...
Parkland Pet Owners - This is a place packed with heart for our pets! My sweet little Yorkie, Halle, usually perky and healthy became seriously ill overnight. We had no idea what was wrong. I called PVH and spoke with Sam, the greatest assistant ever!, and he told me to come right over. The whole staff came out from behind their desks to greet us. The office was exceptionally clean and had no smell whatsoever. Dr. Glenda Paredes, diagnosed my puppy as if she was a dr. on an episode of House! Dr. Paredes was incredibly thorough and determined my baby had ingested rat poison that had been left in the yard by our pest control service. This staff is exceptional and gave Halle the most personal loving care. I watched them carry her and kiss her head, and watch over her all day. Dr. Paredes kept in touch with me throughout the day to reassure me they were doing everything they could for Halle. They were able to treat her and she is doing much better. Parkland Veterinary Hospital in the Waterways Shoppes opened in February this year and I'll be telling everyone about how awesome the staff is! I would never go anywhere else because they treated Halle like she was their family!...Read More...
Lisa W., Parkland, Florida


Are you a pet owner who is new to this area?

Then let us be your source and guide for your pet's care and local information.

If you are a pet owner relocating to Parkland fl or a nearby city (Coconut Creek, West Boca Raton, or Coral Springs) then stop by and visit our animal hospital. We will introduce you to our veterinarian and staff then give you a tour of our facility. Through us, you will have access to all the local tidbits of information to keep your pet's healthy and safe. We share our knowledge of all the indigenous pet hazards, parasites, animal diseases or other local issues that may affect your pet's health. We also offer pet boarding for your dog(s) or cat(s), which helps to facilitate your transition by making it less stressful on your pets while you move in furniture and unpack all your household items.

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