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Serving: city of Parkland, and nearby areas of
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Spay & Neuter for Pets (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits):

Neuters and Spays involve reproductive sterilization of a pet. A neuter is a surgical procedure to remove a male pet's testes which are his reproductive organs. A spay is a surgical procedure to remove the ovaries (reproductive organs) of a female pet.

These procedures are mostly done on dogs, cats, and rabbits, but can be performed on any animal with their reproductive organs intact. The surgical procedures are routine and statistically have very low surgical risks. The procedure can be done in a few hours and your pet can be up and about by the end of the day though with advisably less physical activity to prevent damage to the surgical site.

Why do pet owners spay or neuter their pets?

Spays or neuters are typically done for one of the following reasons:

If a pet owner does not want to specifically breed their pet(s) then the health benefits of spaying or neutering greatly out ways any reasons for leaving them intact. Spays and neuters are also done to control increased populations of unwanted or feral pets that are unowned or uncared for.

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Here at Parkland Veterinary Hospital we take excellent care of your pet. We have the expertise and all the diagnostic and monitoring equipment to perform a surgical spay or neuter on your pet (dog, cat, or rabbit). During the procedure, we monitor your pet's vital signs, administer pain medication, provide warmth to maintain body temperature, and ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible. You can trust that your pet will receive both expert care and love. We perform puppy spays & neuters, kitten spays & neuters, adult dog spays & neuters, adult cat spays & neuters, and rabbit spays & neuters. Please call us for an appointment, we do a FREE Consultation for All Spays and Neuters (954-757-1729) .