Dr. Paredes is a business owner and veterinarian in Parkland FL

Glenda Paredes, DVM: Chief Veterinarian at Parkland Veterinary Hospital, located in the "environmentally friendly" city of Parkland Florida

Dr. Paredes received her degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida. She has worked as an associate veterinarian at four major Animal Hospitals throughout central and south Florida. In addition, she has worked as a relief veterinarian at several animal hospitals including overnight emergency clinics. She is noted by her peers as being a very talented veterinarian who is knowledgeable in her field and takes great pride in providing premier uncompromised care to animals. She specializes in working with small animals (cats and dogs), small mammals (rabbits and ferrets), and exotic animals (snakes, frogs, and lizards,). She has gained extensive experience in the emergency, routine and preventative treatment for animals and continues to expand her expertise with continued education in state-of-the-art procedures and new modes of veterinary treatment. Her expertise includes primary care animal medicine, surgery, dentistry, and dermatology among others.

As an established member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Information Network, she has taken the next step towards providing the best possible care to animal patients in her community by opening her own veterinary practice in the city of Parkland FLorida.

When she is not busy caring for sick animals and comforting concerned pet parents, she can be found running at the park, working-out at the gym, or reading a novel. She has three furry children, three dogs (Simba and Olivia) and a cat (Khalia), that she loves dearly and she is also happily married. Now in her own words:

"As a child I had early interest in animals and owned various pets from dogs, cats, and rabbits to even my pet chicken Deebee. At an early age, I developed an interest in the physical anatomy and overall health and wellbeing of animals. As such, ever since I can remember , I wanted to be a veterinarian. I was able to achieve this life long goal and now am ready to solidify it by establishing myself as a business owner and veterinarian in Parkland Fl."

~ Glenda Paredes, D.V.M

Dr. Paredes and her belated pet Nico