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Immunization and Wellness Care: Vaccinations (puppies, kittens)...

Administering required Vaccinations and taking regular visits to your Veterinarian will ensure that your pet maintain a healthy life.

Parasite Treatment/Prevention:

We offer treatment plans to combat parasites in general, but more specifically for those indigenous to Florida and our local region.

Preventive Care and Wellness:

Preventive care is one of the most important aspects of your pet's health. The focus is on catching early onsets of conditions so that their impact can be reduced before complications develop. Take advantage of our Wellness Plans. Our Wellness Plans are prepaid plans and are designed to help our clients (pets and pet parents) by doing the following: 1) Offer savings to you over time, with cost savings of between 10% to 20% on certain services or even a FREE complimentary service. 2) Provide a certain standard or level of care that is good for the overall health of your pet 3) Allow for proper preventive care that is not only better quality of life for your pet, but also saves money from early detection and mitigation of health complications 4) Allows you to plan ahead and allocate funds for your furry family members' health expenditures.

Tests: FIV / FELV / Heartworm / Parasite Screens etc:

We perform tests for infectious viral, bacterial, and parasitic diseases as part of our overall diagnostic of your pet's health or as part of a routine health screening.

Routine Surgery (spays and neuters):

We perform routine surgeries such as spays and neuters in dogs and cats. These procedures are only called routine because of the frequency or number of operations performed on a yearly basis, however, the process can be intricate especially for spays and we do not treat them lightly even with our well trained and experienced veterinarian. We have the capabilities to perform more complex surgical procedures should the unfortunate situation arise. We will provide you with the best options for your pets continued health and recovery. We are a full service small animal veterinary hospital and can handle unexpected complications that may arise so you should consider us even over a less costly spay and neuter clinic.

Microchip Implants:

A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of a dog, cat, horse, parrot or other animal. The chip, about the size of a large grain of rice, uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. This means it has no energy source, but instead generates a very small harmless radio signal when a scanner is placed above or near it. This radio signal transmits the information embedded in the microchip...information such as the name of the pet, the owner, the address, and phone number to call. Alternatively, it may only have a unique identification number that is mapped to the information. Once tagged with a microchip implant, your pet can easily be identified if lost and then recovered by the pound or other animal institution. This can help you find your lost pet and maybe even save its life.

Euthanasia Services:

We at Parkland Veterinary Hospital care deeply for animals and our Euthanasia service is our most regrettable, but necessary service and we try to make the process as sincere and as peaceful as possible for our grieving clients.

In-house products and Online Pharmacy:

We have in-house products that offer hand selected products such as pet foods, supplements, chews, and toys. However, we offer a full online pharmacy for prescriptions and subscription food service delivered right at your door.

Internal medicine:

Internal Medicine covers diseases of the internal organs and includes conditions such as pancreatitis, kidney diseases, and others. They require constant attention from your Veterinarian who employs strict regimen of medicine and nutrition to help slow the progression of the diseases. Quality of care is an important part of our treatment and we strive to prolong the life of your pet and help mitigate the symptoms, slow the progression, and increase quality of life. Sub-disciplines include: Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Immune Mediated Disorders, Nephrology/ Urology, and Respiratory Diseases.

Advanced Surgery (exploratory surgery, tumor removals, bladder stone surgery etc):

Only when absolutely necessary or where the situation is critical, do we perform advanced surgical procedures. Our veterinarian has the level of expertise to perform the procedures that your pet requires. In addition, we have state-of-the-art equipment that aides us with reducing risks and providing monitoring before, during, and after the procedures. This is one of the areas where our emphasis on pain management is important for your pet's quality of care and comfort. And we take it very seriously.

Orthopedics (Bones and Joints):

We provide orthopedic services including evaluation, assessment, and stabilization. If we determine that your pet's orthopedic ailment is too severe, we will refer you to an orthopedic specialist for further treatment.

Ophthalmology (Eyes):

Ophthalmology has to do with the treatment of diseases of the eye. The eye is one of the most delicate organs. Healthy eyes are a very important aspect of your pets health. There are many chronic diseases that we can assess and treat such as Glaucoma, Dry Eyes, and Ulcers.

Dental care (Mouth, Teeth, and Gums):

We provide general dentistry for dogs, cats, and small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, etc). These services include routine checkup, cleaning, and cleaning treatments. Dental hygiene is important for your pet's health, but it is also important as they interact with you very closely. Your pet's dental hygiene is one of the most important health concern...if your pet's teeth are having problems it can affect their eating habits and may lead to more serious health problems.

Dermatology (Ears, Skin, and Fur):

Skin disorders are sometimes the quickest and easiest indicator that something is wrong with your pet. You may notice unusual patches of fur, scaly or extreme dry skin, redness, sores, bumps, or even bite marks. These are all indications that you should bring your pet to your veterinarian right away. Sometimes these skin ailments are signs of other complications developing, but only your vet can properly diagnose the situation. Once diagnosed you may find that it may require medicines or topical creams for a treatment regimen. It is important to follow your veterinarian's precise instructions for the allotted duration in order to rid your pet of dermatological ailments.

State-of-the-art Equipment:

Our facility has advanced equipment and services to help detect, treat, and monitor your pet's health condition/status.

Geriatric Care:

As with humans, as your pet grows older their needs change. Aging comes with its own challenges of worn joints and declined physical fitness. We understand all too well what your pets needs are and what you can do to improve your pets quality of life so that they can live even longer. Diet and exercise are important, supplements are important, but also routine checkups to spot early onsets are critical. We offer Wellness Plans for senior dogs and cats so that you can plan ahead and allocate resources to your pets needs.

Radiology (Digital X-rays and digital dental X-rays):

Radiology is widely used for areas such dentistry, skeletal diseases or fractures, disorders of the abdomen such as obstructions and foreign bodies, or heart and lung problems. We have a digital X-ray and filmless system for fast processing and accurate analysis so that we can get to the heart of the problem. With clear, precise detection, we can make decisions easier and faster so that e can get down to our main purpose of treating your pets.

General Oncology:

We provide general oncology treatment. These include surgery for removal of masses, nutritional diets, and acupuncture. We also provide Chemotherapy as part of our distinctive care services.

Nutrition Counseling:

Nutrition Counseling is a way for us to help you navigate the large number of choices for pet foods and supplements. Each pet is unique for multiple reasons other than species and breed. We will recommend the best diets for your pet's specific needs and health conditions. We will educate you on the differences among you wide selection of choices and steer you in the right direction (what to move towards or in some cases what to stay away from). This is done as part of our quality of life care.

Quality of Life Care (Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergy Treatment, etc):

We provide quality of life care to help manage and do ongoing treatments for ailments such as Arthritis, Diabetes, Allergy Treatment, etc. These treatments involve a combination of medicine, preventative measures, and guidelines for lifestyle choices such as nutrition and exercise for your pets. A great number of pets (primarily dogs and cats) are overweight. Obesity is one of the main contributors to diabetes so fixing one problem can sometime fixes or prevents another problem. Aging pets can have arthritis and other age related illness so they require special attention and special formulated diets. If you notice, a change in you pet's urinating or defecating habits it could be because of an allergy. In addition, we offer Nutrition Counseling to help you navigate the large number of choices for pet foods and supplements.

Primary Care (Physicals, Medicine, etc):

Primary care covers everything from physical examinations to medicinal treatments for infections. Typically, an owner will bring their pet into our hospital with complaints of symptoms such as diarrhea, rash, location specific pain or sensitivity, or a general appearance of malaise. If your pet is doing anything out of the ordinary or do not seem to be their usual happy, playful selves, then you need to bring them in to our hospital. Remember, unlike human patients that can tell you when they do not feel well, our pets rely on us to figure it out...so pay careful attention...their wellbeing is entirely in your hands. This is why routine care and checkups are important. Also, take advantage of the benefits of our Wellness Plans.

Laboratory Services:

We provide in-house laboratory procedures, but we also outsource many labs to a reputable lab service with very quick turnaround times. Lab services are primarily ancillary services required to check your pet's body fluid chemistry. They usually require retrieving body fluids such as blood, urine, tissue fluid, or blood serum from your pet. There are a number of possible tests and our veterinarian will make the best possible recommendation for your pet's health and well-being. Some labs are done as routine services for preventive care so that disease processes can be caught at their onset before they develop into more severe complications. Other labs are done in response to certain symptoms or to rule out certain possibilities and help pinpoint the root cause.


Chemotherapy is a key ingredient in our fight against cancer. The process involves trying to eradicate cancer cells from the body by introducing medicines that typically adhere to the cancer cells or are toxic to the cancer cells thus killing them or impeding their spread. Chemotherapy can have very strong side effects and so proper dosing, managing side effect symptoms, and providing comfort (sometimes physically and other times through the use of supportive medicine) are important aspects of our regimen. Chemotherapy is typically done after removing cancerous masses to abate remaining cancerous cells from growing, during early onset to prevent the cancer from metastasizing, or during late stages of cancer where the patient is inoperable due to the location, type, or spread of the cancer cells. Throughout the process we put great emphasis on making your pet be as comfortable as possible as we strive to first eradicate the cancer and/or extend your pet's life and quality of life.

Pain Management (including Anesthesia):

Your pet's wellbeing is our number one priority. As such, we take great lengths to ensure proper pain management through trained techniques, proper institution of pain management plans that are suited to your pet's size, weight, degree of pain, and type of ailment. These pain elimination measures include administering medications such as barbiturates and local or systemic anesthetics (anesthesia).

Stem-Cell Therapy:

Stem- Cell Therapy is included in an area of modern medicine known as regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine simply means that we use the body's own regenerative systems for protecting and repairing itself by inducing certain mechanisms. These self-repairing mechanisms can be induced through different means, but stem cells have proven to be one of the most effective ways of achieving fairly consistent and measureable results. The process involves carefully extracting stem cells from your pet's own body. The stem cells are cultured before being inserted into the ailing areas of the pet's body; this is generally a pain free process. The process seems simple enough, but requires proper technique, training, and a sterile environment.

Acupuncture Treatment:

Eastern medicine meets western medicine as we combine the best of both worlds to fight some pet ailments. Acupuncture is an ancient art of medicine that has been around for centuries in Asia. It utilizes the body's nervous system through pressure points that provide stimulus for certain systems in the body. It is believed that by temporarily adding stimulus or in some other cases impeding the firing mechanism of key nerve endings, the body will reset its mechanism and trigger self-healing properties. These mechanisms have been studied over the years and are widely accepted as proven ways to treat certain ailments, but especially pain management. It can provide soothing relief for patients that are undergoing chemo therapy as well.

Advanced Dentistry Procedures:

We do advance dentistry including digital radiographs to detect decay, breaks, or fractions of the teeth or surrounding bone structure. Multi-Root Extractions are some of the most difficult procedures we perform. We continue to add new techniques and procedures to further enhance our service offerings.